3 Key Dimensions Of Online Reputation Management

A strong online reputation can help your company grow quicker that you ever thought possible. Today, many consumers think of their interactions on a five-star scale so the more positive reviews you get, the stronger your brand becomes. This, coupled with the power and reach of the Internet, allows you to reach and influence an audience faster than ever.

The downside of this is that your reputation can die just as quickly. A series of bad reviews, a poorly positioned post or article or a negative news story can damage your business and lead to months, if not years, of rebuilding. Online reputation management is bigger than PR – it’s about managing the sentiment across a variety of digital platforms by actively monitoring, managing, engaging and responding to brand perceptions and the outside community.

There are 3 key areas to consider when it comes to online reputation management.

Customers – customer reviews are probably the most important driver of buying decisions today. Consumers are trusting online reviews as well as personal recommendations more and more, and their ability to directly impact your revenue stream by their comments is a powerful indicator of your performance. If you’re not asking for positive reviews, the negative ones will carry more weight.
The Public – public feedback can pop up on any online platform and doesn’t always relate to a specific experience or transaction. The public’s perception of your product or service can be just as impactful to your brand as a bad customer experience, so managing public perception of your brand through active search and management is imperative.
Employees – how your employees (former and current) talk about your company reflects positively or negatively on the culture and values of your organization. This could take place on traditional social media sites like Facebook or more employee-facing review sites such as Glassdoor. Not only does it reflect back to people outside your company, but it has an impact on recruiting and your future employee base.

Effectively managing your image and reputation online is a critical part of marketing operations. Building systems and protocols to handle your reputation can allow you to receive positive perceptions and stay ahead of negative ones before they become a crisis.