3 Steps To Effective Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is becoming increasingly important and is a culture shift in the way that marketers are reaching their customers. Gone are the days of cold calling. Today, marketers have the ability to pin point exactly who their customers are and can formulate a personalized plan to reach them.

Inbound marketing is a way for businesses to show customers that they understand their needs. It’s a strategic marketing approach based more on relationship than on traditional intrusive tactics.  So how can you implement an inbound marketing strategy?

You first want to attract consumers who are most likely to become a lead or a customer. The content that you share about your brand is very important as it builds the foundation of your relationship with potential customers. Your content can include anything from ads, videos and blogs to full digital advertising campaigns. You want to reach people when they are looking for information. Become a thought leader in your field by posting relevant, insightful content and share topics that can help solve problems in your area of business.

Once you have the attention of potential customers, you must build trust to keep them engaged. This can be achieved through emails, LinkedIn inMails, lead flows and surveys. Consistency is key. Use the ads you created as a guideline for what your communication content needs to entail. Keep messaging and themes consistent to help build trust and a recognizable identity.

Now that you have engaged with your ideal consumer, turn them into customers! Continue crafting the right messages and sharing them on the appropriate communications platforms to interact with your customers. Ideally, you can deliver the right information to the right people, which will turn your potential leads into customers.

Inbound marketing is a great organic way of creating long-lasting customer relationships. These customers can be your best source for new business and a great opportunity to create long-term value.  A consistent, tactical inbound marketing strategy for creating leads and cultivating them will lead to more consistent results and more engaged customers.