4 Keys To Authenticity In Social Media

The role of social media in business and society continues to grow both in terms of relevance and resonance.  As we all strive for connection in a socially distanced, quarantined world social media has been an even bigger bridge between customers and the companies they love.  Given this altered dynamic companies have a greater responsibility – and opportunity – to make their interactions more authentic.  Now more than ever firms need to be real with the people that engage with them or risk breaking that connection that has taken a long time to build.

Here are four tenants to impart on your social media messaging to create greater connections with your followers:

Make them insiders – followers love it when they feel “in the know”.  The more you can let them behind the scenes the more they will have a sense for what is happening and where the company is going.  This creates loyalty and interest that created long-term brand value and an opportunity for even more engagement.

Keep it positive while keeping it real – whether it’s a company or person, social media is often the best representation of us, sometimes glossing over the real for the perception of it.  Any company that wants to create a true connection gives a positive tone and outlook on their progress while still being authentic.  It can be a tough balance to achieve but followers will know when you’re not being your true self.

Tackle any crisis with grace – challenging times hit every organization at one time or another and the difference between the ones who just survive and the ones who thrive is often in their approach to handling crisis.  Being honest and candid, regardless of how painful it may be in the short-term, will help customers see who you truly are and how you handle yourself online in tough time reveals the character of your organization.

Have some fun – who says you can’t have fun and still be professional?  One of the best ways to keep things real is to inject levity in the worlds of your customers.  Again balance and authenticity to who you are key but not everything, especially on social media, has to be serious all the time.  Fun is part of business and life and should be included in your social presence.

Social media is more than just the number of followers you have and the number of posts you push.  Companies need to view it as an extension of their ethos and leverage the tools in place to make people feel connected.  It’s more important than ever both to the world and to the future of your business.