5 Truths of Medical Marketing

In today’s ultra-competitive device market, you have to demonstrate an understanding of the practitioners’ realities.

Gain traction by following these five simple truths:

1. Practitioners put their own brand first.
While every other manufacturer is out to increase their own share of practice revenue, differentiate by showing how your product, procedure or device can add value and equity to their practice brand while driving new patients.

2. Practitioners and their staff are not marketers.
Few have training or time in their busy schedule. Nor do they allocate budget. It’s your job to advise on efficient and effective ways to create awareness, consideration and trial of your product inside their practice and out.

3. Financial gain is not the only motivator.
Like all professionals, doctors are financially motivated, but deep down they are patient impact-driven. How will your product or procedure improve the lives of their patients?

4. Clinical claims aren’t enough.
The industry has grown skeptical over the years as medical product companies use marginal and sometimes questionable claims to declare superiority. You’ve got to be able to prove efficacy, but don’t overwhelm your target with irrelevant data.

5. Increasingly, physicians value passive income.
As practitioners face the realities of reimbursement, high medical malpractice insurance costs, non-compliant and declining patient bases, revenue sources that do not demand too much of their time must be a key part of the sell-in presentation. Doctors are pressed for time — show them products and procedures that generate income with minimal effort on their part.

See these truths in action, then discover how to put them to work for you.