Advertising Trends That Resonate With Customers

The need to effectively advertise remains a vital component to business growth and market strategy. The landscape continues to evolve and change as the backdrop for how we receive, process and act upon all the inputs consumers receive grows even more complex. So, how can an advertiser keep up? Here are some key trends to consider:

Brand Over Product – ads are now geared towards how the brand makes a consumer feel, trying to build a connection instead of just showcasing project features. And if they feel good, mission accomplished.

Connect Authentically – in today’s social media/consumer-run world, brands must ditch the sales pitch and create authentic conversations. Customers want to deal with brands that are accessible and do not try so hard to win over their audience.

Agents For Change – while advertising influences our behavior as consumers, it also has the power to shape our aspirations and reinforce our values, even promoting social change. Companies are transforming the relationship between brand and buyer and making brands more conscious.

Getting Personal – shared experiences shape our perception of a product or a service. Our opinion of a product and the enjoyment and value we get from it doesn’t just come from our personal contact with it – it’s also influenced by what we know about a brand and how others feel about it.

Omni-channel Matters – leveraging omni-channel marketing provides a seamless purchasing experience across many channels to reach the target audience. According to AdWeek, 62% of companies have, or plan to have an omni-channel marketing strategy. On top of that, 70% of businesses say that omni-channel strategies are important, very important, or critical to their success.

The fight to win consumers’ attention has never been more ominous. The amount of information we consume and are exposed to every day makes it tougher than ever to get your message across. Keeping these creative concepts in mind will help you effectively shape campaign strategy and lead to long-term brand growth and success.