Are brand pages taking over?

It used to be just Facebook Pages. Brands could make their very own page on the social platform, a place to share their brand’s voice with their customers, an easier and less formal way than their website to get to know their supporters, and to hear what their customers had to say.

Then Twitter introduced the Verified Account, giving major brands and celebrities badges to prove that they are who they say they are, in an age of internet parodies and hoaxes. Of course, everyone thought this was a good idea.

Soon, YouTube, Pinterest and almost every other social network were rolling out the red carpet, inviting brands to come on in and set up shop on their own patch of internet real estate. Overall, these sanctioned pages have given consumers a measure of confidence and security in who they were dealing with.

Now a new player has introduced a brand page:

Amazon’s brand pages are offering social features that will allow brands to not only showcase their products in a more visually appealing manner, but also allow pages to make status updates and share content, including links and photos.

This shift towards even more social commerce is viewed as Amazon’s attempt to get the jump on Facebook, which recently leaked intentions to offer more e-commerce solutions.

Time will tell if this preemptive jump by Amazon will make a difference in Facebook’s slow march across the social web.