Are the Marketing Efforts of Your Investment in Sync with your Growth Goals?

Private Equity Firms Need Marketing Partners in Healthcare

Industry publication Becker’s Hospital Review published a story detailing 20 healthcare investment niches because “private equity investment in the healthcare industry has grown considerably in recent years.”

The article reports that more than $16 billion were invested in healthcare by private equity funds in the form of healthcare buyout deals globally in 2013, with North America leading the investment activity. But, in our experience, many private equity firms are not equipped to assess a healthcare company’s brand position and marketing efforts to determine if they align with growth goals.

The goal of private equity investment is to accelerate the growth of a company to position it for sale to a larger entity. This is where Burdette Ketchum’s unique mix of healthcare and marketing expertise for growth-oriented companies perfectly complements the needs of private equity firms.

“Whether it’s within the first 100 days or the first 12 months, at some point a full marketing SOW analysis needs to happen,” says Karen Burdette. “If branding, market positioning and strategy aren’t in sync with operations, finance, technology and innovation, the healthcare company will remain the responsibility of the private equity firm for longer than intended.”

Burdette Ketchum works closely with healthcare private equity firms to conduct comprehensive marketing assessments of healthcare companies, which may include:

  • Competitive review
  • Current marketing and industry trends
  • New or untapped audiences
  • Opportunities for improvement
  • Growth goals vs. marketing spend levels

The marketing firm then creates a custom marketing plan that is directly related to the goals of the healthcare company’s business plan.

“Managing expenses and meeting revenue projections are not the only success factors for private-equity capitalized companies. Marketing and brand strategy also are critical factors that propel the company toward meeting its business growth projections,” said Burdette.

Burdette Ketchum has worked with numerous healthcare companies at various stages of commercialization, from category innovator to category challenger to category leader.