Why Authenticity and Transparency Actually Matter

In our recent blog, Four Marketing Trends to Consider For 2019, we listed authenticity and transparency at the top of the list. It seems that for the past few years, these two key concepts have evaded some businesses and those businesses have suffered as a result. Here are three ways to help provide your customers with an authentic customer experience.


Set Clear Expectations

This may seem like Business 101 but clients will want to know where their dollars are going. Keeping the lines of communication open may be challenging in some situations, but it is important to let everyone know that projects are on track and things are moving. Once a small seed of doubt is planted, it won’t be long before bigger issues could arise.


Let People Know What You Stand For

In this age of transparency, people want to align themselves, and their wallets, with companies whose ideals are similar to their own. Having a publicly displayed set of values and principles that are honored and validated through action is important as ever when building both a brand and a company. Customers, both old and new, should know that you care about more than the bottom line.


Be Honest From the Start

With the amount of faith that customers have in businesses dwindling, it is important that you are authentic not just in your words, but also in your actions. Customers have the ability to check facts, get news and find out more information than ever before so it is imperative to be honest and forthright from the very onset. Customers who believe you’re not honest will not just unfollow you on social media, but they will most likely never purchase from your business again – and tell all their friends.


Authenticity and transparency may be new concepts to push forward in your business and it may not be an easy process at the beginning, but it will pay off in the end. When your customers know who you truly are, where they are on your list of priorities and that you respect them, your relationship will be much more effective in the long run.