Delivering Market Share & Revenue Acceleration In Healthcare with Sheridan

Quality and value continue to be buzzwords for the healthcare industry. Providers and institutions worldwide continue to look for innovative and cost-effective ways to deliver patient-centric healthcare. One way they achieve these goals is to partner with clinical management services that staff and operate key functions for hospitals and care facilities. Sheridan, one of the leading providers of healthcare solutions for anesthesiology and other specialties to hospitals and outpatient centers, sought out inventive ways to increase market share in their service line segments.

Led by physicians and healthcare professionals, Sheridan provides comprehensive hospital-based clinical and management solutions for anesthesia outsourcing and other specialty areas including emergency medicine, neonatal and radiology. Sheridan helps save hospital administrations from unnecessary interruptions during a transition, optimizes clinical and operational workflows and supports growth initiatives to meet the needs of their partners.

Sheridan had a strategic goal to expand their national footprint and develop meaningful interaction with members of the hospital c-suite. The core of that goal involved generating leads that started with awareness building. This was followed by phone conversations that established contact and assessed the client’s needs. Ultimately, this transitioned into meetings and buying decisions.

After a thorough immersion process, Burdette Ketchum developed a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy that strategically guided each prospective customer through all phases of the sales funnel, from introduction to close of the sale via a Request For Proposal (RFP) for Sheridan’s services. Burdette Ketchum used a combination of tactics across the marketing mix to nurture leads and walk prospects through a specific process that educated them on the benefits of outsourced clinical services and led those prospects to meetings and sales opportunities for Sheridan.

Over the next three blog posts, we will outline the progression of our plans, tactics and results for Sheridan. This includes the development of a previously undiscovered value proposition, the range of program and tactics that delivered specific targets to the sales funnel and the remarkable results Sheridan received that directly impacted contract growth and revenue.