Communications Trends To Help You Succeed

The communications realm continues to change with the evolution of new trends to help companies grow and succeed in their marketing efforts, making it essential to continually evaluate and update your marketing tactics. Here are three important trends to consider as you evaluate your communications efforts:

Importance of Micro-Influencers
Influencer marketing focuses on influential people that can sway or persuade customers over your brand. It is an effective strategy to add to your marketing plan because today’s fast-paced and advertisement-saturated world almost demands a third-party voice to share and promote your message, making it a powerful way to reach new audiences.

More brands are utilizing micro-influencers, which is defined as those with social audiences under 15,000 followers. Why are these effective? Micro-influencers have a more established and deeper connection with their audience, which translates to loyalty and a readiness to follow their advice. When choosing an influencer, be sure to look at the size of an audience as well as the engagement levels and types of interactions the influencer has on social media.

Digital Storytelling & Data
Digital storytelling, social listening and big data continue to top the list of important trends. How you adapt your marketing efforts within this growing digital world is more critical than at any time in history.

Use digital storytelling to engage your audience shows your customers and prospects the people behind your company and what distinguishes you from your competitors. This kind of narrative can endear you to prospects and keep them engaged in your story.

Make sure you master social listening with apps like Hootsuite and Mention, which help you keep on top of conversations surrounding your brand and industry. Be the first to see negative conversations about your brand, and be ready to address problems before they get out of hand.

Leveraging big data to adjust your content and strategy to reach more of your target audience is critical. Big data can identify trends and show you what topics and problems are trending in your industry, which allow you to be proactive in delivering your own insights on current topics before your competitors have a chance to react.

Measurement Matters
The push towards more measurement, particularly quantitative measurement, is harder than ever. Showing specific numbers such as page views, likes and interaction is more of a standard than an exception. Although it’s hard to measure something like a growth in brand equity, trust or awareness, marketers have to create a path towards definable results.

There have been great strides in measurement with tools like AirPR and TrendKite that have developed advanced analytics to monitor such tools as podcasts, video marketing, and influencer marketing programs. Take note that the future measurement will be baked into every campaign, providing fresh insight on virtually every aspect of public relations and marketing.

Communications in today’s crowded information society is more important than ever. Creating clear lines that get you closer to current and future customers will help your brand and your business grow.