Consumers Vent Frustrations on Social Media, Is Your Company Listening?

Negative comments, photos or videos about companies and brands on social media can quickly spread and have a significant impact – even to business-to-business companies that do not traditionally interact with general consumers. Companies must have a plan for dealing with negative buzz, and a method for continuous monitoring, tracking and responding.
A drawing of a frustrated person with his head down

According to a recent survey, only 27 percent of business-to-business companies use social media to track what customers say about their brand and follow-up on customer feedback. Twenty-two percent track only, and 47 percent do nothing. The eMarketer story “Brands Ignore Negative Social Buzz at Their Peril” explains more.

Statistics on companies that use social media to track customer opinions

Burdette Ketchum has the resources to monitor, track and respond via social media for our clients, and it’s been especially useful for several business-to-business clients in recent months.