Creating A Competitive Identity for Jacksonville

This past week our CEO Will Ketchum spoke to Jacksonville professionals at ImpactJAX, the young professional’s organization of the JAX Chamber. He spoke about Jacksonville’s identity, national and international, and how our waterways help define it, all with an overview of “The Water Life” initiative he chairs.

As a leader in place marketing, Will explained how a commitment to an investment in our water experience must precede significant branding in order to make our brand promise credible.

Jacksonville has a unique opportunity because of the city’s connection to the river, ocean, Intracoastal, and preserves. It all drives and inspires everything the city and its people do. So, what is the overall vision for Jacksonville’s new identity? To make Jacksonville the water life center of America, guided by its DNA of “Inspired By Our Waterways”

Will provided the young professionals in the audience with strategies for achieving this vision. With plenty of bright minds behind the program, it seems these ideas could soon become a reality.