Delivering Outstanding Returns on Sheridan Healthcare’s Marketing Investment

Today’s marketing environment is all about results. The ability to determine a return on your marketing investment is more important than ever and Sheridan was committed to understanding what positive results they would achieve from their marketing efforts.

As we covered in our previous blog posts, Sheridan had some market opportunities that they could take advantage of by leveraging a unique value proposition and the development of a strategic sales and marketing program that created an integrated approach to reaching the hospital c-suite. We now turn to the results that Sheridan achieved and how it helped their business.

Sheridan wanted to generate leads and turn them into phone conversations that discussed the current state and critical needs and pain points of a healthcare facility. We worked with Sheridan to create awareness and strategic messaging that consisted of touch points from direct mail pieces, email campaigns, blog posts, video, collateral, the website and a hyper-targeted digital campaign that reached prospects at the IP address level. View some of the work for Sheridan by clicking here.

We also worked with Sheridan in developing their sales funnel and tracking mechanisms to ensure there was a clear path to revenue from the campaign. The ability to track and measure where leads were coming from and how they advanced through the sales pipeline was critical to determining Sheridan’s success with its marketing efforts.

Sheridan’s plan and strategy far exceeded the program’s expectations. Some of the metrics that were measured included, but not limited, to:

– 1,500 new contacts
– 750 qualified leads
– 200 meaningful interactions
– 58 proposals made
– 35 new contracts

Sheridan now continues on as Envision Health and remains a leader in hospital-based clinical and management solutions for anesthesia outsourcing and other specialty areas including emergency medicine, neonatal and radiology. Their results and efforts show the power of an integrated marketing approach and its ability to deliver returns that, not only pay for themselves, but propel growth.