Enhancing Your Customer Communication Channels

Companies can communicate to customers in many different places and through a variety of different mediums. Now is the time to look at those touch points from a customer’s perspective to ensure that your communication channels are compelling and attractive to your customers, as well as meeting their needs.

Your website is the first impression prospective customers will have of your company so your site needs to be optimized to do three things:

  1. Help your customer understand who you are and what you do
  2. Provide useful and relevant information on your products and services
  3. Persuade them to engage with your business

Pro Tip: Looking at analytics reports to see what pages your customers are viewing and how long they are on your site will help improve your content and user experience.

Social Media
Your customers are talking to you across many social media platforms so be sure to include outlets like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, etc. in your communications plan. Social media is regularly the first place customers get news and information. Also, when customers are talking in a public forum, you can transparently address any questions or concerns and help solve their problem.

Customer Service
You need to understand how your phone experience is from the customer’s perspective. If you use a call center outsourcing service or have a receptionist answering the phones, avoid any pain points customers may encounter on the phone. Empower your representatives or employees to actually solve problems and meet customer’s needs.

Direct Mail
How are your direct mail pieces integrated with your other communication channels? If a customer acts on your call to action, they could end up calling on the phone, visiting your website, or visiting your at the office. Make sure your pieces are consistent and integrated so the customer has a pleasant experience.

You serve as the company brand representative when talking to customers in person. This interaction will directly impact the customer’s perception of your business so maintain a customer-centric approach to help uncover and meet their needs. Regardless of technology, this is still the best way to communicate with customers.

Having a uniform and consistent customer communications platform will ensure a satisfying experience for your customers and ideally encourage them to visit your communication channels again and again. Ultimately, it helps build your brand and grow your business.