Facebook Graph Search: What these changes mean for marketers

Without question, Facebook and other social media platforms have made a huge difference in the way marketers reach consumers and how brands present themselves across the digital space. Facebook recently announced the launch of its new Graph Search, a search feature that enables users (and marketers) to search the myriad of information stored in Facebook’s Open Graph.

In short, what this means for consumers is this: With Graph Search you can seek out new friends who share your interests, get recommendations for the best local restaurants, or even look for love by searching for people with a relationship status of “single” in your area.

What this new-found information means for marketers is substantially different.

  • Marketers can now establish correlations between brands. For instance, Mashable found that many people who like Star Wars also like KFC.
  • Information about the habits of a particular demographic will be more easily established. A quick search can turn up information about music designers like or restaurants favored by Google employees.
  • Photo searches can be specific to people you know, or spread as wide as “pictures taken in National Parks.”
  • Searching for user interests on Facebook will now yield information about the value of a brand even being on the social network.

Graph Search is still in beta, but should be open to everyone soon. This will be a terrific opportunity for marketers to evaluate their current social media strategies, and to reassess how they are reaching their audiences.