Facebook Timeline Boosts Brand Page Engagement

Whether you were ready or not, your brand’s Facebook page was switched over to the new Timeline feature at the end of last week. But, this isn’t something you should dread.

Here’s why… an analysis conducted by Simply Measured found brands that switched to the new look prior to March 31 were averaging 46 percent more engagement on their pages. Researchers compared early adopter page engagement from January 1 to February 29 and beginning February 29 (the day Facebook allowed brand pages to voluntarily switch to the Timeline feature) until March 26. For brands launched after February 29, Simply Measured started from that date. Here are the findings:

Livestrong and Toyota Facebook pages both experienced a huge jump in engagement and only a few brands in the test experienced a decline.

So, how can your brand leverage the new Timeline?

Have an eye-catching cover photo

Coca Cola's Facebook page
This is the first thing visitors see when they go to your page. So use it as an opportunity to immediately grab their attention and explain your brand in a visually appealing way. See how Coca-Cola uses its cover photo as a bright and colorful way to show off the brand:

The cover photo and timeline encourages visitors to look around your page for more content, and the longer they stay on your page the more likely they are to engage.

Share more photos and videos

According to the data, responses to status updates actually dropped once the Timeline was adopted. But, engagement with videos and photos were up 65 percent. Adam Schoenfeld, CEO of Simply Measured, says that the larger images on Timeline are leading to more engagement with visual material.

Use Milestones

The “milestone” feature helps your visitors learn the history of your brand, which can, in turn, build loyalty. The New York Times used milestones to show the history of the newspaper and its effect on our country.
An image of the New York Times Facebook page with an article dating back to 1897
While the thought of switching to the new Timeline feature may have been daunting, brands should embrace it and use it to the fullest. It has serious potential to encourage engagement and could eventually result in higher brand awareness and loyalty to a company.