Firm’s Expertise Utilized for Branding Article

The Florida Times Union recently highlighted the knowledge and expertise of agency president Will Ketchum for an article about how companies are increasingly reaching out to agency experts for help with their rebranding needs.

As shared by Will in the article – there has never been a better time to build a brand because there are so many channels and it makes it possible for more marketers to build a brand economically.

As the Internet reaches many potential customers, businesses need to think beyond traditional marketing and embrace the new digital opportunities for branding and awareness.

Jacksonville companies discover opportunity in a rebrand-new day

Customers now determine brands for businesses.

Brightway Insurance started as an umbrella service of insurance agencies about nine years ago in Jacksonville. At first, the company grew steadily. But to reach its untapped potential, Chief Executive Officer David Miller felt he had to start over, at least with a new image.

Miller acknowledged simply offering customers a menu of choices from different insurers wasn’t enough. So he started considering a massive — and expensive — effort to rebrand Brightway Insurance.

“There’s been a migration for us from going from what was a typical insurance agency to our goal of becoming a recognized national insurance retailing brand,” Miller said.