Focused Communications Strategy Is Key Amidst News Cycle Chaos

We are barely a month into the New Year and it has already been off to a wild start. Volcanoes, a deadly virus, impeachment proceedings, earthquakes, international conflicts, brushfires, and the list will only continue to grow. With these news and events as the backdrop, communicators are trying to stay on top of their 2020 plans. The chaos of global news, amplified by local news, can cause communicators to take pause and ponder some key points of consideration before beginning communications planning and strategy.

Planning a strategy is the essential first step in any communications campaign, but that strategy must be considered and contextualized against the backdrop of the news cycle. The biggest mistake communicators can make is to plunge into tactical activities without a guiding strategy. It is better to have a grounded strategy, in tune with the news of the world, the local community (or both), than a misdirected strategy with strong follow through – the latter may take you quickly in the wrong direction. Once a communications problem or opportunity has been defined, the strategy should address the problem or capitalize on an opportunity. Strategic planning involves making decisions about program goals and objectives and identifying the key audiences that make the most sense. It can be challenging to make decisions about the components that go into formulating a strategy without keeping a finger on the pulse of the news of the day.

It takes a wide look around to determine things like public opinion or sentiment. This can often be accomplished by surveying the news, both globally and locally. Match that wide look around with a deep look inside of an organization and a grounded strategy can emerge. It’s about communicating responsively and responsibly so that the plan has impact and relevance. A trusted partner, in touch with the ceaseless news cycle, can be a tremendous value-add to any communications planning and strategy. And with this wild year just getting started, it is undeniable that there is much more to come.