Four Ways to Have a Healthy Target Marketing Plan

If you think of marketing as a body, target marketing is the heartbeat. Without an effective target marketing strategy, your campaign dies and with it your marketing impact and return on investment. Whether it’s your direct marketing efforts or enabling your sales force to effectively deliver your messages, the need to identify prospects, build relationships and drive revenue is what marketing needs to do to deliver for your business. If your target marketing plans haven’t been in for a checkup in a while, here are 4 keys to get them healthy:

Care for your list – your list is responsible for 80% of the success of your campaign, with messaging and creative being the remaining parts. People can argue about the percentage, but the one thing everyone should agree to is that if you don’t have a target the chances of you hitting anything is slim. You have to not just create a list of potential buyers but you have to curate it and improve it over time – it’s never finished. Take the time to audit your list and add to it with care so that it remains the lifeblood of your business.

Walk the path creatively – creative is key to getting your positioning to resonate and critical to building the walkway that you need your customers to travel. Make sure your assets and copy match your strategy, provide focus for your value proposition and deliver on your call to action.

Consistency is critical – far too often marketers, and salespeople, give up after the first or second contact, thinking that if they don’t respond immediately they never will. You can never truly know when your customer will need to buy or what combination of messages and offers it will take to get them there. So continuing to communicate with them until they tell you not to is key. Regular contact builds familiarity and comfort, which paves the way for action.

Test and measure – Much like not knowing when your customers will want to buy, you never know what combination of creative and messaging will move the needle unless you test and validate them. Sophisticated marketers test colors, pictures, size of offers and delivery times all to see what can move the impact one degree. Measuring your campaigns and how they improve over time will help your efforts in the long run.

Make sure to take care of your target marketing efforts and they will pump the blood your strategies need to keep you and your company moving.