Homeparts Simplifies the Home Improvement Shopping Experience. We Simplified Their Launch Experience.

Like many of our clients, Homeparts was out to reinvent their category. With the big box experience increasingly becoming cumbersome and impersonal, they saw an opportunity to streamline the customer experience with a smaller retail footprint backed by a local warehouse of nearly endless inventory that could be delivered same day.  With all the product offerings of a big box easily accessed in the store or via simple to use ordering kiosks, a consumer can get in and out faster, while not giving up great price, selection and name brands.

Our solution for Homparts was turnkey. We developed the brand name, brand identity, positioning strategy and a full creative promotional approach, including direct mail, newspaper FSIs, digital marketing and a TV spot aired vis select cable zones around stores locations.  The results?  Since the mid-February launch, traffic is on goal and growing every day.