How Marketing Helps Create A Winning Culture

Company culture can span the gamut, with some businesses touting ping pong tables and in-house bars and others flashing generous 401k and paid time off plans, there is a fair amount of variety in the marketplace. The foundation and meaning behind the term company culture is less about what the company thinks and actually more about the feeling it elicits from employees. Work perks that are fun, practical and generous are all beneficial in creating a great place to work, but those alone are only some of the building blocks in a company’s DNA.

When thinking of how you want your workplace to feel for a new employee or a veteran employee for that matter, it’s important to go back to basics; look back to the core values your company embodies. In the same way that you must market these values to your clients, you must also market these values to your employees. This where marketing comes into play with company culture. Once you have established what that company culture looks like, implementing an in-house marketing strategy to promote this is your next step.

Just as you would market your company and your brand to the outside world, you must continue marketing your company within your business as well. In some ways, your physical location should become the core of your brand. Stepping inside your place of operation should represent everything your brand stands for and this should be clear to anyone entering the location, particularly the employees. While aesthetic attributes like the interior design may seem irrelevant in relation to company culture, the layout of your workspace can definitely affect how people view your company. If you want outsiders and employees to view your company as one that is collaborative and inviting, you would need spaces that encourage communication.

Social media, while clearly vital to public perception, also contributes to company culture. Are your employees and team members depicted in a positive way on social media? Displaying only the work being done rather than the people behind the work can feel impersonal and removes the human component of your business. Not only do clients enjoy seeing the people creating their deliverables, but employees appreciate being recognized and including them on your social media gives more personality and character to your profiles.

Finding fun, unique ways to bring employees together and remind them of the company culture you want to embody is all about creating something doable and enjoyable. At Burdette Ketchum, we promote our company culture on our values wall. Once a month, team members submit photos that represent different BK values. All of the submitted photos are placed in a box at the end of the month and we draw a few photos, the submitters of those photos then pick a prize out of our prize box. This has been a great way for us to keep our values in mind, display those values in a prominent way and reward employees for displaying those values in photo form.

As marketers, it’s important to remember that we have an important role to play in developing and maintaining corporate cultures. The brands we build, the images we display and the values we communicate are integral to affirming who we are as an organization and can go a long way to helping our businesses grow – both from the inside and out.