How To Design Your Blog for Success

Content marketing is an important aspect of any business marketing mix, particularly blogging as it can provide additional, continual company insights and information. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 81% of B2B companies use blogging as a content marketing tactic.

Blogging is an opportunity to attract and motivate new audiences, which can lead to conversion of new readers into new customers. This can bring increased traffic to your digital channels and, ultimately, business growth.

While blogging is typically considered a written communication, it is essential to have a good design for your blog to make it appealing to both your current and prospective customers. But, don’t forget the best design can’t make up for uninspiring content. Start with making sure that you are delivering compelling and actionable information. Then, shift your focus to developing a functional and aesthetically pleasing design.

A good blog design can help motivate customers intrinsically, hence, maintaining their focus and energy to get more insights from your writings.

Now is the time to make good design choices that will help you grow your blog with careful consideration of the purpose, goals, objectives, interests, and characteristics of your audience. It is easy to assume that good design is all about “what looks good,” but there are many other important considerations that go into it.

Here are some tips to consider when choosing a design that is suitable and appealing for your blog.

  • Usefulness: Is your design useful and does it accurately portray and highlight the content you have written?
  • Aesthetic value: Does your design appeal to and attract your audience and help contribute to increased traffic to your blog?
  • Client-centric: Is your design user-friendly to your clients, can they relate to it, navigate it and understand the design?
  • Creativity: Does your blog stand out from other similar blogs – be bold, be creative, be innovative in your design and content to catch and keep the attention of your clients and potential clients!

There are many blogs for your customers to read. Most people are attracted to something that is visually appealing so make your design as compelling and attractive to your customers as possible.