How To Keep Your Employer Brand In Focus

Most companies tend to focus their branding initiatives on customers and prospects with goals of revenue and margin growth.  Others layer in a focus on shareholders or investors in the hopes of driving interest in their company.  However, the truly great brands pay close attention to another key constituency when looking at their brand  – their current and future employees.

The competition of talent is at an all-time high.  Employers, regardless of industry, cite the ability to bring in talent as one of the top issues they face when looking to grow their company, so the need for an “employer of choice” brand strategy is imperative.  You have to stand out, differentiate your firm from the competition and communicate clearly what you stand for and what value you bring to future employees.  Today’s sophisticated applicants will ignore companies where they can’t see themselves working, which can dry up your talent pool and put you in a position to make bad hiring choices that are not reflective of the market.

Companies can no longer just place an ad for a position and expect the right kind of talent to show up.  That dated model assumes the power of employment stands with the employers, which is very different that reality.  Now more than ever, employees decide who they work for and employers need to show them career opportunity, community involvement and most importantly pride.  Employees want to be proud of the work they do and who they work for and branding is central to delivering that promise to them every day.

As valuable as a brand can be in talent attraction, it is just as important in retaining employees.  Team members want to work for an organization that values them and that they can be excited about coming to work for every day.  Companies have to look at their brand through the lens of their employee base and make sure it’s driving the vision and esprit de corps that people want in their jobs and careers.

Talent will continue to be an important driver for organizations and branding .  Make sure to ask how your brand is doing at bringing the right talent to your doorstep and delivering for the people that are in your workforce.  When you can balance an employer of choice brand with your overall marketing strategies and plans, your company will be well positioned on all fronts.