Is Your B2B Brand Ready for Its Close-Up?

It’s no surprise that Instagram, the online photo sharing site, is a huge hit with B2C marketers, but how about B2B? This visual marketing medium is a powerful recruitment tool, whether you’re looking for customers, loyalists or even employees. If you’ve been shy about sharing photos with Instagram, we’d like to help you make the most out of your efforts:

  1. Start with a visual marketing strategy. Who are you trying to reach? What do you want to accomplish? How often will you post?
  2. Invite participation from others in your industry. No one likes a one-sided conversation. Call for entries through photos, generate buzz in real time at trade shows.
  3. Include your employees in the fun. They know your company better than anyone, so it’s a great way to show your product’s good side(s) close-up.
  4. Don’t be too hasty with hashtags. Skip mass appeal. Go for something specific and ownable when tagging your photos.
  5. Summon your inner Ansel Adams. Business consumers are still consumers. They want to be entertained and visually stimulated. Opt for interesting angles over head-on shots.