Keeping Creative While Working At Home

In this ever-changing landscape of social distancing and working from home, finding a spark for creativity can seem impossible. Regular lulls in motivation become spiked in quarantine and productivity may skid to a halt. Coronavirus is not the first challenge the marketing world has face, and it certainly will not be the last. Learning how to manage yourself in a variety of work environments, finding inspiration no matter your circumstances and marketing in a way that steers clear of disingenuity during a time of change or panic are important in maintaining a solid marketing foundation.

Most of us in the marketing field are used to working in offices or agencies, with spaces to come together and collaborate. This lack of group thinking can easily make you feel like you’re working on projects alone. It can be harder to communicate with clients or identify business needs from a different workspace without the amenities of the office. Luckily, in 2020, we have a variety of technological tools that make distances and changes in scenery manageable and often enjoyable. Software like Zoom and allows users to have video calls with any number of people, making communication easy and personable. Regardless of whether you’re working from your home office or your kitchen table, communicating and collaborating are still doable.

Regardless of the reason for a shift in environment and conditions, it is important to remain focus and goal-oriented. A change in scenery can be good for creativity, which will in turn help you navigate the twists and turns that come with an unusual market. Do not get discouraged and maintain communication as best as possible with your team members as well as your clients.

Creativity is central to marketing and it cannot get lost when we’re working isolated from our teams. Continue to find ways to innovate and generate new ideas and leverage the tools we have in place to create that sense of community when groupthink is required. Keeping the creative engine going will make sure that your organization is progressing even in times like these.