Making Your Brand HUGE

As we approach the “big game” on Feb. 3 – the biggest TV advertising event of the year where millions upon millions of dollars are spent on brands – think about your own brand. Is bigger always better? Is paying millions of dollars for impressions, clicks, ratings, likes, etc. really paying off BIG?

Here are three ways to make your brand huge, without the million-dollar budget:

1. Talk Big. As a media planner and buyer, I often see TV and radio ratings inflated. The higher the rating, the more the station can charge for advertising. The same goes for newspapers that can claim higher circulation. The point is: It pays to talk big. Look at BMW’s “The Ultimate Driving Machine” tagline. Or, Disney’s “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Or, Visa’s “It’s Everywhere You Want to Be.” Or, brands that claim their customer service “give 110 percent.” These phrases are not entirely correct, but they are dramatic, magnified and make the brand feel bigger than it really is.

2. Think smaller. If your brand can’t afford to spend $4 million for a 30-second ad or even run an ongoing advertising schedule, find a smaller pond. Where CAN your brand be huge? Find something small and dominate it. Whether it’s a smaller market, a smaller event to sponsor, or advertising on a hyper-targeted scale, reframe the context you are in. It’s the pistol approach opposed to the shotgun. It’s the old movie trick – create a miniature scale city and run amuck.

3. Defragment. Most brands fall into the “we always have to be on” way of thinking. But do you really? It definitely helps to be top-of-mind, but if you stretch the budget too thin the impact is fragmented. Instead, consider a few bigger campaigns per year. For each campaign, you create the occasional downpour instead of the continuous misting. It’s all about focus. Instead of throwing fifteen footballs at your potential customers, throw one, because they can’t catch them all anyway. In addition, leverage everything you do with social media and public relations. Staging a guerilla effort? Try to get media coverage. And, film it to put on YouTube. If it’s good enough, it’ll go viral and will make your brand huge.