From Marketing To Meaningful Interactions: How Sheridan Leveraged Integrated Marketing

The first two posts of this series focused respectively on the business challenges Sheridan (now Envision Health) faced and the development of their unique value proposition that helped them stand out in the market. We now turn to the creation and implementation of a comprehensive sales and marketing plan that provided Sheridan relevant touch points to reach the hospital c-suite.

Sheridan’s primary goal was generating leads that would turn into meaningful interactions, essentially phone conversations that establish contact with decision makers to learn and assess their needs and pain points. Given the level of organizational contact and the sophistication of the sale, Sheridan needed several ways to touch a client to develop enough awareness and interest in their services and to gain an audience that had enough gravitas to make strategic buying decisions for hospitals.

To get that level of reach and degree of specificity, Burdette Ketchum worked with Sheridan on a range of strategies and tactics that spanned from awareness building for new lead generation and RFP consideration to content strategies for lead nurturing to assistance with proposal presentations. Each channel offered the opportunity for engagement via content such as testimonial videos, white papers, and process improvement consultations.

The core strategy for driving awareness and messaging consisted of direct mail pieces, combined with calling efforts, with the goal of initiating a formal dialogue with hospital decision makers. Sheridan concentrated on one service at a time and saturated that market with three direct mail pieces that included:

  • A handwritten introduction notecard that assumed the receiving (a hospital c-suite executive) had never heard of Sheridan.
  • A custom box sent with an iPad cover or magic cube with an insert. The call-to-action was to schedule a no-obligation evaluation. If an evaluation was not scheduled, a follow-up call was made.
  • A follow-up postcard that complemented the previous two mailings and reinforced Sheridan’s value proposition.

To complement the direct mail as the plan matured, a geo-focused digital marketing program was launched that was highly targeted and a vital lead builder for Sheridan. Hyper-targeted digital campaign assets were created that could target prospect hospitals at the IP address level, ensuring that the messages were getting to the exact location required to influence the audience. Sheridan rounded their campaign with integrated strategies and messages that were communicated throughout their trade show attendance, email campaigns, blog posts, video, collateral and website to make sure that every touch point resonated with their target audience.

This range of program and tactics delivered specific targets to the sales funnel and achieved amazing results for Sheridan. Our final post of this series will outline the results Sheridan received for their efforts and how it transformed their sales and marketing efforts moving forward.