Medical Marketing: To the Practice, Through the Practice

For consumer brands, the end game is sales to the general public. For most business-to-business brands, the sale is to another business for their implementation and use.

However, for many medical and health brands the marketing challenge is more complex:
  • Selling to the practice and physician to adopt the product
  • Arming the practice with compelling marketing tools and techniques so they can effectively recommend and prescribe to patients

We call this To the Practice, Through the Practice marketing.

It is especially effective in aesthetic dermatology, vision care, dental and sleep apnea – non-life threatening areas of health care where the patient ultimately decides whether to take the recommendation of his or her physician to buy the product, procedure or service.

For nearly 20 years, Burdette Ketchum has perfected medical marketing that influences health care target audiences, from physicians and clinicians, to patients, and even hospitals and payors. We help brands consider all of the ways to reach and influence decision-makers at all levels.

Regardless of the health care brand’s life cycle from launch to sustaining market leadership, or its size from start-up to venture capital-funded to global brand, our integrated, experienced team is ready for the marketing challenge. Our strategic advice about branding and positioning, product launches, advertising, trade show and conference activation and sponsorships, in-practice marketing, and patient acquisition and retention has helped clients in many medical and health industries achieve their marketing and sales goals.