Simple Ways Medical Services Companies Can Boost Their Content Marketing

Content marketing is a natural fit for many businesses in the medical field. The information shared through content marketing can educate and inform, providing useful and engaging data and insights; it is a marketing tool for patient engagement, retention, branding and professional reputation building.

Here are some easy tips on ways medical services businesses can make the most of their content marketing.


Humanize with Storytelling

This strategy works best when communicating directly with patients. Patients can get overwhelmed with facts and figures especially during trying times, so humanizing your brand and using stories to help connect with patients will help you reach them on a deeper, more relatable level.

You’ll still want to state facts but try backing them up with a story – it will make the information more memorable. For example, you can refer to a statistic but relate it back to the reader on a personal, or emotional, level. If the stat is about a preventable disease, take the reader on a journey of a patient who had the disease but came through on the other side.

Stories are what humans crave. It is how we connect with one another. When a reader feels like they are connected with you and your brand, they feel like they have something in common with you, and therefore your brand. Connections are essential in creating trust and relationships and ultimately, sales.



One way businesses in the medical field can stay relevant is by offering professional commentary on a breaking news story. There is a lot in the medical industry, so you should capitalize on them!

You can offer your analysis of a new technology or break the news of new test kits. Is the government giving a new tax break to hospitals? Write an article that explains to your patients how the tax breaks will save them money and give them better care. This will help them see the benefits of choosing you as a provider.


Video is King

Since a good majority of online content is viewed on mobile, the easiest and quickest way to consume content is via a video. Consider this: YouTube says its primetime audience is bigger than the top 10 TV shows combined. Imagine the impact you could make with a video.

You can turn any blog post idea into a video. If your next blog post is about a new technology hitting the market, consider making a video demonstrating how it works, its value and benefits to the end user.

You can also answer questions your customers ask frequently via video. This way they can relate to you on a more personal level and feel as if they are speaking with you instead of just reading a generic FAQs page. If your content is catered specifically to your audience, you will find it will get more traffic.


Be Visual with Infographics

Infographics have steadily been on the rise for the last few years, which is not surprising since they are very effective in terms of consumer engagement. 55% of consumers will stop reading a given page in less than 15 seconds — it’s difficult to convey a message if no one’s actually reading it. However, infographics are an effective way to show the value you bring and can demonstrate your expertise in less than 15 seconds. They can be explanatory, showcasing what your company does; or factual, showing data or statistics.

As a medical services company, content marketing is a great way to build trust with your audience. By diversifying your content and adding video and infographics, you will appeal to a larger audience (especially those on mobile) and you will have a greater chance of getting your message across, increasing your chances of potential clients remembering, and interacting with, your brand.