Medtronic Involves End-Users in Facebook Timeline

The diabetes business unit of Medtronic launched its Facebook page in April and is now connecting with diabetes patients through photos, experiences and milestones. This is a great example of how a medical device maker can use social media platforms to build a community around its products.

Medical Marketing & Media magazine reports …

Diabetes tech firm Medtronic rolled out a new Facebook strategy that helps diabetes patients share milestone moments.

The effort is called Let’s Build Our Timeline Together and builds on the Facebook presence the company established in April. The page has almost 35,000 likes as of July 3, and the new timeline draws from photos visitors upload, and includes mini-bios that tell readers how long the patients have been living with diabetes. The result is a page that weaves specific moments – like a six-year-old’s day at the zoo — with practical information like “Avoid potential exposure to strong magnetic fields on roller coasters, remove your insulin pump and put it in a safe place.”

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