New Clients: Taking Three Game-Changers Even Further

Three diverse clients recently retained Burdette Ketchum for their marketing and public relations needs: Healogics, JAXUSA Partnership and RTI Biologics.

Healogics delivers evidence-based clinical medicine and is focused on providing exceptional outpatient wound care. As the U.S. market leader, Healogics is the partner of choice for more than 500 hospitals.

JAXUSA Partnership, the economic development arm of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, aims to position our city as an ideal region to relocate or expand. With a focus on industry-leading companies and national site consultants, JAXUSA promotes the many benefits the First Coast offers global relocation prospects.

RTI Biologics, a leading provider of sterile biological implants, is part of the rapidly growing biotech industry. The Alachua County-Fla.-based company prepares donated human and bovine tissue for transplantation used in a variety of surgical specialties worldwide.