One Page Websites

Throughout 2013 we’ve seen one page websites become the new modern trend.  While traditional websites include navigation and sub-navigation that takes the user from page to page, a single page website uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript to cleverly move the user around one page to access tidbits of information.

Some advantages of single page websites over multi-page sites include:

  • No page refresh for a quicker and improved user experience.
  • Easier maintenance because you only have to maintain one page which can mean reduced costs.
  • Higher core content density for search engine spiders plus your Google PageRank applies to the whole site.
  • A clear design distinction since single page websites are less common, leaving visitors with a favorable impression.

Single page websites are a great choice for portfolios, contest entry sites, product launches and sites that have minimal content or a clear call to action. is a site we frequently visit for inspiration. The site showcases a variety of one page websites that are simply designed and create a unique user experience.

Here at Burdette Ketchum, we often find ourselves designing and developing websites that are 50+ pages and heavily content driven. A great website should quickly and easily drive the user to the desired call to action or business objective. One page websites are a refreshing reminder that sometimes, less is more.