Optimizing your Blog with Limited Resources

Having a robust blog is an effective marketing tactic to share content about your brand, attract an audience and promote your business. But if you don’t already have one, starting a blog can feel like an overwhelming task. Or perhaps you already have a blog but don’t have the time or resources to post as much as you’d like so you aren’t seeing the results you want. While blogging can be time consuming and overwhelming at times, it is possible to manage it efficiently with limited resources. That’s why we’ve outlined a few easy strategies below to help you start 2018 with a better blogging strategy to see positive benefits in no time!

According to Tech Client, featuring a blog as a key part of your website will give you a 434% better chance of being ranked highly on search engines.


Look at Other Industry Blogs for Content Ideas

Reading other blogs in your industry, including your competitors, can spark content ideas and inspiration. But don’t just look to emulate other blogs. Look for topics that many disagree on or have questions about. What questions are not being answered? These are the pieces of juicy content you want to make a part of your blog. Your readers will be engaged and keep coming back for more. Blogging tip: Keep a running list of blog post ideas so when it’s time to write, you aren’t searching for a topic and check out our tips for building a content calendar.


Utilize Team Members to Write Posts

Most likely there are others on your team or in your office who have greater knowledge of certain topics or subject matters than you. Is there someone you always look to when you need additional research on a topic? Or someone you rely on to write customer emails or business proposals? These team members are the ones you can tap into to help create blog content or write a first draft for review and editing before posting. Let the team help in crafting quality content for the blog. Blogging does not have to be a one-person job.


Repurpose Content

Repurposing old content is an easy way to distribute information without a lot of effort. Start with your most popular posts and rewrite them with a different lens or twist. Better yet, turn them into videos or a podcast. For videos, you can cut the video content into smaller clips to repurpose in a blog or social media post. This will reinforce your message and help you establish thought leadership by sharing valued content.


Bonus! Proactively build your audience with SEO

Ready for more? This step will take a little more time than the others but is 100% worth the effort. Posting consistent content will keep your readers returning for more. However, you can recruit new readers by implementing a few simple SEO tactics. Here are two steps you can start with.


  1. Research keywords you can incorporate into your posts a few times that are related to your brand or industry. You can use Google Trends to see the popularity of what others in your industry are searching for. Then add links to those keywords inside your posts. This can be links to other sites you reference or links to your own site.
  2. Create categories and tags for each post so others can easily browse your posts without leaving the page.


Being an active blogger is possible with limited time and resources. Don’t make it too complicated and use what you have on hand: existing industry blogs, team members and existing content. Once you are able to recruit more resources, don’t forget to implement our simple SEO tactics.