Stand Out for Patient Acquisition & Retention

One of the most difficult things for medical practices to do is differentiate from others in their field in the quest to attract new patients – and even retain the ones they have.

Regardless of the area of specialization – dermatology, vision care, dentistry, plastic surgery, etc. – consumers generally cannot differentiate one practice from another. So they end up choosing based on location and referrals from friends and family.

Practitioners often are purchasing and adopting new technologies to try to stand apart from the competition, but they often times don’t know how to leverage the technology through marketing.

Simply branding under a physician’s name is not enough any more.

The physician and the practice have to stand for something compelling and relevant to consumer demand.

With continuously declining reimbursement rates the race for new patients and the retention of existing ones is critical. Practices MUST see more patients.

Many medical device manufacturers, especially those that are dependent on consumable revenue are developing co-branded marketing strategies and offering co-op funds to physicians to attract new patients to practices. They are putting together comprehensive marketing kits and online portals to access these materials. They are partnering with practices for their success.

This also has a two-fold benefit. Not only does it attract new patients to practices, it also builds loyalty to that device or product manufacturer. This is critical in highly competitive and consumer-driven healthcare product marketing.

Burdette Ketchum has over 15 years experience developing these co-branded marketing kits for a range of brands including ACUVUE, CoolSculpting, iZon Lenses, Healogics and more. We have developed online portals that allow downloads of acquisition-focused and patient-focused materials – everything from print ads to TV commercials, web banners, photography, videos, mircrosites, emails, social media tactics and more – all customizable. We track utilization and can work with sales reps to let them know which physician practices are using the materials or if the practices need to be further induced to participate in the program.

Driving consumers to practices and building patient loyalty on behalf of your brand (manufacturers) is where we excel.