How to Position your Brand as a Thought Leader

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a thought leader as one whose views on a subject are taken to be authoritative and influential. Do your customers consider you a thought leader in your industry? They should! By providing thought leadership content on your blog, social media or other communication channels, you build trust and credibility, something your competitors may not be doing, which can help give your brand a competitive advantage. 47% of c-suite executives and decision makers said a thought leadership piece had a direct impact on awarding business. But how do you get started?


Create Content

Becoming a thought leader starts with your content, like blog posts, videos, white papers, etc. Sharing your content on your communications channels ensures your audience will see it, even if they don’t visit your website.Your content should be unique, professional and digestible. Thought leadership content is not about selling; it’s about inviting the reader into your business and letting them learn more about your expertise. Listen to your customer’s questions, concerns and pain points and address them. If you already have content on your website, audit it to make sure it follows these guidelines.


Be Social

Thought leadership content that B2B buyers engage with on social media has a tremendous impact on their buying decisions. Thoughtfully engaging with opinions and insights on your social channels will go a long way with your community. They will appreciate you for being an active member and will help keep your brand top-of-mind. Choose the social media channels where your audience is the most active and be social every day. Social media is an essential way to communicate with your customers.


Get Published

Your blog and social channels are only the beginning of establishing thought leadership in your industry. Try to get published in other places and known across more platforms. This will rapidly expand your audience. You can offer to guest post on other industry blogs you follow or pitch your content ideas to editors at industry publications. To do this, start by following the blogs and publications on social media and monitor what they post. When you have insights into their content or an opinion you can share, tweet back or email the editor and offer your knowledge.


Start Networking

Participate in industry events and join online networking groups to build your network. Getting to know others in your industry will give you valuable content ideas and open doors for speaking opportunities and guest posts. The more people in your network, the more potential there is of increased opportunities. While networking, spend more time asking questions and getting to know others, rather than just talking about your brand.


Becoming a thought leader in your industry may take time, but by putting in the time and effort, results will be fruitful for years to come.