Preparing Your Marketing For The Post-Pandemic World

For the first time since the start of the spread of the coronavirus, parts of our world are either starting to open up or preparing for the time when life will return to what will undoubtedly be a new normal. As marketers, we have pivoted through the crisis and adjusted our strategies and plans accordingly, but now that the light is appearing at the end of the tunnel it’s time to turn our attention to what our customers and markets will face and how we can partner with clients to navigate the landscape that stands before us.

Having an effective marketing strategy in queue for when the world opens back up is a critical step to supporting your customers, affirming your market positioning and preparing for what may be an inconsistent growth curve. Here are some steps that are fundamental to getting your marketing reignited once the world start to turn back on:

Think about where your customers are and where they could be in the next few months – it’s more than fair to say that your customers will be in a different position than they were before we started social distancing, working from home and experiencing countless business interruptions. Knowing the position they are in and coming out of is an important part of how you communicate with them and truly show them the value you can provide against the new backdrop. Just trying to sell them stuff isn’t enough and could be detrimental – think about how you fit into revamping their business model and focus your efforts there.

Continue to be authentic, not clever – when it comes to messaging and positioning, it’s important to continue focusing on empathy and concern and not so much about cuteness and frivolity. Several companies are doing a great job of tuning into the emotional frequencies of the country and showing how they are helping us all through these times. That focus on authenticity cannot be lost even as we steer back into offices, stores and restaurants. Virtually everyone will still be dealing with the pandemic in some form even as life gets back on track and that cannot be lost on how your talk to your customers and the market at large.

There are still a lot of unknowns, so focus on remaining adaptable – we all are excited about seeing positive signs of the economy reopening – even if in small segments to start – but the road to true normalcy appears to be long. Moving your plans forward is prudent but to say that things will not shift in the weeks and months to come isn’t fair or accurate. Marketers have already had to adapt and keeping that flexibility with your programs creates a nimbleness that will be to your advantage while the ground continues to settle.

Aspiration is not lost and marketing can help fuel it – marketing plays a pivotal role in the outlook customers have on the world. Through advertising and communications we help create connections that go beyond transactions. As much as we are all going through now, the light will continue to be brighter and our world will get back its footing. Marketing should play a part in leading us to that new-found place and not lose sight of that goal. Preparing for that bigger turn is just as important as working through the smaller turns along the way.

As we prepare for life after the coronavirus shock, marketers must continue to remember that what we do doesn’t change and that it does matter to the clients and brands we support. We all have a part to play in returning our world to where it was and we can help to shape what it could be. We must be mindful of where our customers and markets are against the pandemic backdrop, and meeting them there is imperative to keeping your brand and business in touch.