Refocus Your Internal Communications Program

Teams today are working more distanced than ever before.  Whether it’s working from home or adapting to an office with more space between coworkers, the way we’re interacting is changing and therefore a strong internal communications effort is more important than ever.  It’s easy in this new world order to get focused on projects and meeting customer needs, but without constant communication, the distance and the circumstances around them can tear at the fabric of your organization and impact even the highest performing groups.

In times like these communications is more than just keeping people up on what’s happening in your company.  It is imperative to keep your corporate culture strong and thriving.  An organization is at its best when employees feel connected and integral to the success and growth of the company and keeping them aware of goals and progress takes even more attention when the “water cooler” and other regular interactions are not available.

Here are a few ideas to consider while recalibrating your organizational communications plans:

Establish a cadence – whether it’s at regular staff meetings or through an ongoing email or newsletter program, make sure you are communicating with your teams from the highest level on down.  Guidance on a regular basis about what is happening will help employees understand what is going on and how their contribution matters.

Have team meetings on the regular – it can be in departments or the overall organization, but some manner of meeting as a team is important to maintaining relationships and connectivity.  We’re lucky to have tools like through Zoom and Microsoft Teams that can make meetings happen virtually but make sure there is time to keep team dynamics positive beyond the agenda by throwing some fun or light moments into those calls.  It will help keep spirits up.

Keep things in perspective – there continues to be a lot of negative news and things may not be going as well as we all hoped but showing what you are doing to maintain and sustain the organization helps keep the main thing the main thing.  Momentum is critical and showing you have it in any form will help people feel good about their jobs.

Don’t lose sight of employee retention and growth – despite the circumstances employees still want to grow and will look to other opportunities if they are not being nurtured.  Find ways in your communications program to offer career development and training options that help them move forward.  Losing talent in these times may even be harder than before so let your efforts help retain the people you need to succeed.

If you haven’t refocused or reset your internal communications efforts since work situations adjusted to the pandemic it’s time to do so.  Keeping everyone focused and on the same page is and recognizing that the new organizational dynamic demands attention is more important than ever.  It will not only help your company move forward but it will keep your people engaged and excited about the future.