Social Media and the Legal Community

Using social media to engage new customers or make connections with potential customers has become common place. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and the myriad other networks and platforms that exist provide easy opportunities to market one’s self or one’s company with fairly easy entry.

A category not typically thought of for its social media use is the legal field, especially corporate law firms or in-house attorneys.

As it turns out, social media engagement among law professionals has been on the rise – even if many attorneys are just listening to the conversation. As evidenced by the below infographic, social media use has soared among the legal set. LinkedIn, in particular, has become a powerful networking and information tool in the legal community, with an average 67% of attorneys using the service.

Owned media outlets, like blogs, are fast becoming a valuable asset by giving attorneys a platform to exhibit thought leadership. One surprise (at least to our law firm client) was how many in-house counsel — 53% — believe quality law firm blogs impact their judgment of which firm to hire.

Wikipedia, the online user-curated encyclopedia, also acts as a primary source of information, with 65% of in-house counsel utilizing the service to review industry trends and company information.

The most interesting thing about this study is a focus on how all industries are able leverage social media for knowledge sharing and connections – even in a field like the law that traditionally has not been considered a heavy user of any social platforms. This knowledge can help law firms and their marketing agencies see the value of producing valuable content via a company blog, and also maintaining social media profiles on platforms like LinkedIn.