Brainstorm Sessions to Fight Writer’s Block: A How-To

Content marketing will help you become a thought leader in your industry. It’s designed to increase traffic to your website, social channels, and attract customers. So it’s essential to provide high-quality content, like blog posts, videos, and social posts, to keep them interested, informed and coming back.

But writing and producing good content week after week can be a difficult task! You don’t have to do it alone. Pull other coworkers together to help inspire ideas and fight writer’s block.

One way you can generate creative content topics on an ongoing basis is to have brainstorming sessions. However, brainstorming sessions can be disorganized and unproductive – don’t let that happen! Here are some techniques to use during the session to help come up with great content.


Invite a Diverse Group of Employees

Have employees from a variety of departments and teams be a part of the brainstorms. A good brainstorm gathers two or more brains with different skill sets and experiences who can provide new insight and context. Some people are very creative, while others are good at thinking outside of the box. Bring a vision board to get everyone’s creative juices flowing. Don’t be afraid to switch up your groups each time to find the right mix to come up with good content ideas.


Establish Priorities So The Team Comes Prepared

Before the brainstorm meeting, provide any materials or contextual information to the team and be sure to describe what the ideal outcome of the meeting looks like. Provide links to blogs or videos you want to use as examples. And bring printed examples to the meeting (with your vision board). This will help people understand the scope and purpose of brainstorm.

Outline a few crucial parameters at the beginning of your brainstorm but don’t get too hung up on constraints—”don’ts” can limit the creative thinking in the room.


Create Open, Inspiring Environment

Provide an environment that allows people to speak freely. Serve snacks or provide coffee to encourage everyone to come and get their creative juices flowing! More ideas will be generated which makes it more likely good content ideas and topics will be discussed. Encourage everyone to bounce ideas off each other. There are no bad ideas in this meeting!


Find Out What’s Trending

To make sure your brainstorm is effective, do a Google search with keywords about your brand and competitors to find out what customers are searching for and most interested in. You can also see which pages on your competitors’ sites are getting the most links and where those links are coming from. This can offer insight into what topics and types of content might resonate with your audience and can offer some ideas for content.

By gathering the right set of brainstormers and establishing upfront what you want to achieve from your brainstorming sessions, you can collect a more robust library of quality content topics over time.