Why Wireframe?

Wireframing is an important step of the web development process. A wireframe is a visual representation of a website’s layout design. It can be referred to as an outline or blueprint. A wireframe illustrates the basic structure, navigation and function of the website.

Below is a list of how wireframing benefits the entire Interactive team. From the Digital Project Manager to the Interactive Designer and Developer, wireframing gains efficiencies and project consensus.

Benefits of wireframing:

  • Wireframes make the web process more efficient – The wireframe step ensures key navigation and functionality decisions are established before entering to the time consuming design and development stages. Changes at the development stage can greatly impact timing and costs of a website.
  • Wireframes make site navigation better – Users are becoming increasingly savvy. Therefore, laying out navigation early on ensures an intuitive user experience.
  • Wireframes make content development more design friendly – Wireframes help prioritize and streamline content as well as position content in ways that guarantee the message is delivered quickly and efficiently.
  • Wireframes help web developers – Wireframes allow web developers to dive into coding and CMS development focused and without question. Development time can be reduced significantly when a thorough wireframe is provided.

By following a succinct process and including wireframes as one of the steps, we’re able to deliver websites on time and on budget. And most importantly, achieve our ultimate goal of providing clients award-winning websites that are beautifully designed, easy to navigate and meet business objectives.