Power of In-Practice Marketing

How to Achieve Share-of-Practice in Physicians’ Offices

In the last 10 to 15 years, patients have increasingly taken control of their own health care. They know brands and specific medications, and aren’t afraid to ask for them. This shift has created fierce competition in physician’s offices, with brands challenging each other for display space and promotional opportunities.

While physicians make the ultimate decision about what is best for the patient, the more that physicians are aware of a particular brand or device, the more likely they will suggest it to patients, and encourage patients to use it.

A good example of this trend is in vision correction. There are hundreds of spectacle manufacturers, and roughly five brands dominate the industry globally. These brands are in constant competition with each other to gain more market share and share of practice. Challenger brands are faced with the same issues.

So how do these brands achieve success?

1. Get patients to ask for your product by name.

Create enough visual noise within a practice that patients become aware of your product or service, and ask their physicians for it by name.

2. Change physician behavior.

Once more patients request a product or service, physicians are encouraged to learn more about it, and potentially change their referral patterns.

3. Educate physicians.

Physicians need to both understand the benefit and unique brand proposition of a product or service, as well as how it will benefit their patients.

Eye-catching sales pieces that quickly and effectively communicate your products’ benefits, like posters, brochures and branded promotional products, will help familiarize consumers with your brand. Taking that a step further, some brands, in partnership with practitioners, will even brand a whole practice, using compelling wall graphics, signage and more so that patients can’t help but be drawn into the brand proposition.

So where do you start? Think about engaging an agency that understands the power of share-of-practice marketing, so you can effectively leverage this powerful tool and make gains in your industry. Having a partner to help you effectively market to physicians and patients can make all the difference.