The Quest For Position Zero

At one point in time, getting your website to the first page of Google for a popular search term was the pinnacle of digital success and being the first result on that first page was worthy of celebration. Now the goal for digital marketers is “Position Zero” – the information Google offers at the very top of the search results, even before the ranked pages are displayed.  Many users end up using Position Zero as “the” answer for a search term, making it a very powerful information tool and traffic driver.

So how do you get to Position Zero? Just like with SEO, keywords are important so it’s important to have them dialed in. Make sure content and metadata is optimized for your website and for the answers you site is looking to bring to the world. This is critical to keeping relevance with search engines, one of the most important factors in their algorithms. Think of what keywords your audience may be searching for, make sure the answer can be found on your website and within your content.

But making it to Position Zero will take more than just the right keywords and tags. When creating content to achieve that coveted spot, you must think about what questions people need answered in the ways they type those questions into search engines. Thinking like a searcher and configuring your content in a manner that support their search terms will go a long way to matching your answer with their question.

Finally, take a look at the search results for the questions you would like your answers to be featured. The “People Also Ask” box, located directly below the Featured Snippet, can provide insight into what is getting pulled and help you identify similar questions, major points of interest and topics you may need to focus on. This digital tip could provide important guidance for new content or revising the content you already have.

Position Zero is yet another way to differentiate you and make you stand out in a sea of search terms. It takes effort to get there but once you do you have a coveted position on the web that will lead to you being the expert on important topics which will drive traffic and ultimately customers.