Think Typography is Dead? The Pro Graphic Designers of the NFL Prove Otherwise

Last weekend marked the beginning of another NFL season. As a pro sport, the NFL has surpassed baseball as America’s pastime.  The NFL brings outstanding entertainment, and is also a powerful marketing machine. Part of that marketing muscle is the skill with which each team brand is crafted – from uniforms to mascot logos and even the game experience. And, in a digital age where many view classic skills in typography as a fading art, the NFL propels its 32 uber-brands with distinctive, ownable typography that remarkably captures and projects on end zones every fall Sunday the essence of the teams’ character.

You might say it’s easy enough to come up with graphic themes around mascots with regional (Vikings) or historic (Saints) flavor. But try doing it 32 times, extremely well. That’s what the NFL has done. They have not only built a powerful brand of themselves, but they have also built 32 very compelling, unique brands and typography rich with character. In Jacksonville, we’re proud of the sharp, progressive new brand our Jaguars have recently presented to the world.

This season, start studying the end zone graphics when you watch a game, and see the design professionals of the NFL at work.