Tips For A Year-End Marketing Review

As we look forward to a new year, it’s a good time to think of what happened with your marketing efforts over the last 12 months and see what worked and what needs to be improved. Thinking of it now before the start of a busy January will help steer your plans and crystallize your intent for the coming calendar.

Here are a few areas to consider for a year-end marketing review:

Goals & Objectives
Each year comes with a set of goals and objectives – some of which are broad or strategic and some that are very specific. Whether you started the year with a scorecard or not, it’s a wise use of time to see how you did in meeting your big picture goals. From there, opportunities for highlighting successes or building improvements for next year can appear.

Campaign Performance
Knowing what worked and what did not with last year’s campaigns will go a long way. This is where your marketing efforts manifest themselves in terms of impact, performance and return so knowing how they did will show where your investments are paying for themselves, steering into good decisions for spending in 2020.

Website Activity
Your website is a critically important marketing and communications channel, so make sure you understand how it’s doing and what needs to be done to improve performance and the user experience. Look at your Google Analytics to get some specifics on website traffic such as number of visitors, time spent on site and conversions to see if your digital efforts are being as effective as they need to be.

Social Media
Measure your social media ROI beyond followers and views. Even if it’s hard to track true revenue from your social channels, make sure you understand how they bring traffic to your website or create other arenas for engagement. Social continues to be a high-investment area for a lot of companies – knowing how it’s truly doing is imperative for planning.

High Dollar Investments
It’s easy for executive leadership to look at marketing from the top down when it comes to spending. Where most of the money is going will invariably yield the most scrutiny. Your ability to show return on those investments and why they should continue to be justified can take large questions out of your equation moving forward.

It’s been a busy 2019 – take some time look back before going forward. You will be able to start the new year with a sense of introspection that will lead to better results for next year and beyond.