Tips When Performing a Mid-Year Marketing Review

We are halfway through 2018, so now is the time to assess your marketing strategy with a mid-year marketing review. You may be asking why do I need to take the time out of my schedule to perform a mid-year marketing review? Well, we’ve got your answer.

Below are some essential tips to get you moving in the right direction as you perform your mid-year marketing review:


Review Your Original Marketing Goals

Mid-year marketing reviews help to make sure your marketing plans and teams are on the right path-meeting the objectives you set at the beginning of the year. If the end of the year is the only time you perform a marketing review you could be missing out on business your competitors are scooping up.

What was the initial goal of the marketing plan you created at the start of the year, and how are you tracking your progress? Has this plan been successful? You should go over the plan with your team and make sure your original goals and overall tactics are still on track. If they aren’t then review with your team why that is. It could be because circumstances in your industry have changed, or priorities in your company may have shifted. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is important to know why your marketing team is in the position it is.

While you are in this step, it is important to discuss your goals moving forward not just the goals you set at the start of the year. You will need to conduct another review in six months so take this time, when you have everyone together, to set goals for the next six months. Do you want to gain more follows, have more hits on your blogs, increase traffic to your store, or even develop a more extensive content strategy? These are all good goals to have; it’s imperative to identify what you need to move your business forward.


Go Over Your Analytics

Mid-year reviews also give you the opportunity to really dig in to see what is working and what isn’t and adjust accordingly. Analytics are there for a reason, to show you the “bang for your buck,” even if you aren’t paying for anything. You should review how many people are viewing your social channels and when. What your demographics are and do they match up with your target audiences? This can open up the discussion on how you market for the next six months.

How is your website performing and are there any ways you could improve it? Which pages do users spend the most time on? Which ones are left the quickest? Google Analytics is a great tool for this exercise. These questions and others are critical in shaping your marketing plan for the months to come. However, it is important to keep in mind that your analytics are unique to your business. Just like you and your team had to work to develop what was important to include in your marketing plan, you will have to decide what analytics are the most important to you.


Look For New Inspiration

Mid-year reviews are the perfect time for you and your team to find new inspiration. Just because you’re in the middle of the year doesn’t mean you can’t add items to your marketing plan. Take a look at what your competitors and trendsetters in your industry are doing and see if you can draw inspiration from them. Review their social media, websites, blogs and other platforms to see what speaks to you and more importantly, your customers. Maybe there’s a new trend you should consider trying? This is the perfect occasion to discuss these ideas with your team.

It is important to always be looking for sources of inspiration and potential ideas to improve your marketing plan and keep your business moving forward. Keep in mind; you created your original plan at the beginning of the year, so the odds of the environment in your industry changing are very high.

A mid-year marketing review can seem overwhelming, especially when you already have day-to-day activities to keep up with. It may not seem like it, but mid-year marketing reviews are key to a continuously successful marketing plan. In addition to these tips, this is a great checklist to help with your review. Sometimes the most difficult part of your mid-year marketing review can be rounding everyone up, we recommend providing snacks to help with that!