How A Unique Value Proposition Propelled Growth: Sheridan Case Study Continuation

Our last blog post provided insight into Sheridan (now Envision Health) and the market conditions they faced. Healthcare continues to be a dynamic industry and Sheridan’s issues were not that different from their competitors. It turns out, however, that their value proposition was both unique and compelling.

Clients are sometimes challenged finding their key differentiator in a changing landscape, so to uncover that value proposition for Sheridan we took them through our Illuminate process. Through Illuminate, we immerse, form key insights and then create ideas that intersect the pre- and post-purchase customer journey across all relevant media and, importantly, non-media touch points. Illuminate is about shaping positive brand experiences more efficiently.

During that process, we hit upon a common marketing theme used by virtually all of Sheridan’s competitors. Competing brands were continuing to chatter about the same concepts without much differentiation with messaging such as “collaboration,” “efficiencies,” “patient-centric,” “improved clinical care and financial performance” and “quality metrics.” While all are important, none of them spoke clearly to the target audience: the hospital C-suite. It also marginalized the strategies they were executing, further diluting key marketing messages.

As we continued through Illuminate, we uncovered Sheridan’s strongest and most relevant differentiator: clinical leadership. Not one competitor mentioned this as a core value driver and we found that it was especially important to the hospital C-suite as a major customer pain point and driver. C-level executives looked to Sheridan to, not only solve today’s problems, but also deliver to future needs. By leading with that key message, we were able to marry the concept of partnership and ultimate confidence and certainty into their value proposition – Leadership Drives Performance.

Our next post will discuss how we took Sheridan’s value proposition and executed it across several tactics and programs, all while focusing on delivering the right message to the market and creating sales opportunities that would lead to growth and new relationships.