Why Video Is More Important Than Ever

The use of video in marketing channels has changed from a nice to have feature to more of a necessity. In the last few years, video was mainly thought of as an advertising medium or something created for internal communications or employee training.

Video is now essential to building your brand, interacting with your customers and creating authenticity in your messaging. Thinking about how most people digest content these days, it’s more about video than any other medium in the market. To highlight the trend:



As we know from traditional advertising, video is a great way to build a brand. Given the evolution of video production and consumption today, video stands ready to help you create an omnichannel brand platform that more consistently delivers at a rate and speed that is not dependent on a network or publication. You can get your message out as often as you need to with the voice, tone and delivery you want. Video can truly be tailored to your audience and in any manner you see fit. That flexibility is where the power of video comes into focus.

Video also has to be an essential component of your content marketing strategy. Search engines continue to evolve in their ability to index video content and, in most cases, are ranking video higher in quality above text. Video also provides the medium to get points across that text or voice only cannot achieve. We all know the power of effective video and the great thing is the ability to generate a video and get it published is essentially limitless. Adding video to your blog posts, social feeds and web content is easier than ever.

It’s time to think how video fits into your marketing efforts and leverage it in your messaging, positioning and overall strategy. The trends demand that you embrace it and your customers and prospects will thank you for it and most likely beat a faster path to your door.