What Is Marketing Like In The New Normal?

Pushing forward is an important concept in the world of marketing. Long term goals, deadlines and return on investment drive our efforts and shape the way we work and perform. The coronavirus pandemic managed to stop just about everything at once and has left marketers picking up the pieces and figuring out what it means to communicate in a time of uncertainty. Marketing strategies and tactics must be adjusted, but how and by how much remain questions that will take weeks and months to answer. When all of those things get upended, how do we as marketing professionals keep moving forward?

Resiliency and the ability to react quickly have become vital in adjusting the way we do things when all the variables in our equation are changing. What was once a client’s priorities and focus areas may now be completely different. Responding to these new needs in a way that is targeted and efficient should now be at the top of your checklist and being consistent and clear in delivery is more important than ever.

In addition to resiliency, authenticity is vital to communicating effectively with your target audience. Showing that a company’s top priority is the people they serve and work with is something that will be remembered after the pandemic is over. Pushing your client’s brand on consumers in a way that lacks tact and awareness of the current environment will not benefit your client or your brand. In order to maintain momentum, you must move forward with a sense of genuineness and honesty. Staying true to your values become more important than ever while adapting to consumer wants and needs.

Marketing will matter as we return to what will invariably be a new normal…at least for a while. It is important that marketers understand the critical role we play not only in the recovery of our economy but in the hearts and minds of our country. Our ability to creatively deliver messages that resonate will help all of us remember who we are and who we ultimately can be again.