Zen & The Art Of Brand Maintenance

Marketers are continually tasked with looking ahead and helping their business move forward, which means there is often little time to spend on maintenance. Much like our cars, we’ll be able to keep things going for a while without regular checkups, but if we don’t take care of it, the chance of being along the side of the road with the hood up increases. If you haven’t performed a regular maintenance on your brand, here are three keys to get you back on schedule.

Currency of your look and feel – is your visual identity starting to look dated? In some businesses that legacy look goes with the image of the company, but if you haven’t taken a look at how your logo, fonts, pictures, and graphics are matching to your industry’s current style, it may be worth looking at some kind of refresh. Some people get intimidated by the scope of even thinking about this kind of change, but most of the time, a few tweaks and nudges can easily be done and can go a long way to keeping your brand fresh.

Consistency of messaging – with all the different platforms and channels available to marketers, it gets more and more challenging to keep your messaging and platform consistent and clear. Plus with social media and content marketing becoming more prevalent, you have more people providing the voice of the enterprise than ever before. You need to make sure what you are putting out there is consistent with your brand voice and keep everyone on the same message regardless of the channel.

Curation of content – it maybe fair to say we are all behind in our content marketing. It’s hard to find new topics or new ideas to fill up those content calendars. If you look at your blog or other content channels and see that you haven’t published anything for a few months, resurrect your commitment to getting new stuff out at an interval you feel comfortable with or engage some outside help for new ideas or creation. Even if your content posting is at a slower pace than you want, at least you are heading in the right direction and your brand will thank you.

Maintenance is never fun, but it is necessary if you want everything to keep running smoothly for your company and brand. A little bit of time making sure everything is tuned up and working will save you some potentially costly repair bills down the road.