Boldly unifying five brands into one.
This is the SupplyWorks story.

Interline Brands aimed to migrate five established brands within its institutional and commercial division, into one brand in order to represent a larger value proposition and delivery platform. Reflecting its core values of integrity, always solving and always advancing, the new brand needed to propel its mission in providing a high level of problem solving expertise and smart solutions in order to advance the performance of customer facilities. That singular new brand is SupplyWorks.

As Interline Brands’ agency partner, we realized it was not going to be easy to merge five, decades-old brands into one new brand without solid customer and industry research, a memorable and intuitive name, and robust internal and external launch plans. As a result, our efforts intentionally disrupted the marketplace in a positively good way.

Custom Solutions:
  • Brand Creation & Positioning Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Launch
  • Corporate Launch Events
  • Customer Research – Qualitative & Quantitative
  • Digital Advertising
  • Industry Research
  • Print Advertising
  • Product Education Animated Video Series
  • Videos